Support, help and advice for early years professionals

SHAPE supports early years professionals and organisations in a variety of ways 

Focused Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opens a world of new knowledge, skill areas and self confidence. It increases the outcomes for the children in your provision, and helps your career progression. We offer a variety of courses both in person and online and can tailor make courses specifically for your staff.

High quality training

We offer a variety of consultation packages to assist owners, managers and practitioners.  We can provide the latest up to date information regarding compliance, regulation and provide support and advice on running your early years provision.

Monthly consultation                           packages

We will review your policies to make sure they are in line with current guidelines and law.

Policy reviews

We can help you Identify which children have SLCN in your setting and assist you with planning, support strategies and evidence gathering for referral.


SLCN support

A robust and passionate team of childcare practitioners is invaluable in contributing to delivering outstanding practice. Practitioners who are organised, reliable and proud of what they do can creates a strong team that delivers high standards of care and education.   We can help support practitioners to become valuable contributors to your team.

Practitioner support

For a partnership to work well, it must be built on trust, transparency and responsibility from all parties involved.  There are many ways practitioners and parents can work together and we can help you build effective partnerships to ensure the best possible outcomes for the child are reached.

Parent Partnership

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